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Malor Slams West Coast

13 Oct 2009, 12:57 pm

Hey there and happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you are enjoying your week so far. Take a look at this image taken by a NASA satellite last week (October 7th) of typhoon Melor as it was approaching the southern islands of Japan:


At 3pm (Tokyo time) Melor had sustained winds of near 100mph with gusts of up to 120mph. The reason for showing you this is because this is the same storm that is now battering the west coast of the United States:

Melor Remnanta

Can you believe that this storm made it across the entire Pacific Ocean:

Melor Track

Here are some of the storm impacts:


Flooding concerns continue in the Southeast with up to 5″ possible in already saturated areas:


This is how much rain we could see thru 8AM Wednesday:

24hour precip

Sorry about picture-mania today, but there were a lot of good graphics that I wanted to share… Sometimes I can be more of a visual learner. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. See you again tomorrow.

Todd Nelson

WeatherNation LLC

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