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Massive Storm Dumps Record Snow

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

February 2013 has been an impressive month for many across the country as snow has been plentiful and record setting in some cases. Thanks to Michelle Musil for the picture below out of Milwaukee, WI where heavy/wet snow has been falling since Tuesday.

Impressive Storm Stats

Let’s go back to Amarillo, TX from earlier this week, where 19″ of snow fell! Blizzard conditions ensued for several hours across the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle on Monday. Thanks to the Amarillo National Bank for capturing the scene below where several abandoned cars can be seen on this snow-covered street.

Amarillo, TX Snow Stats

Here are some of the impressive snow stats from the storm earlier this week.

Snow From Space

I always love to look at visible satellite after a storm. The picture from nearly 23,000 miles above the earth on Tuesday revealed the snowy landscape!

Note how much snow melted from Tuesday into Wednesday!

Wichita, KS Record Setting Snow

How about another 6.8″ of snow in Wichita, KS?!? Geez! Thanks to the NWS out of Wichita, KS via Janet Sprugeon for the picture below of a VERY wintry landscape. It looks a little more like something you’d seen all winter long in Minnesota! Keep in mind that that 6.8″ of snow is ON TOP of the 14.2″ of snow last week.

Not only is the 21.2″ of snow this February in Wichita, KS the greatest February snowfall in recorded history, but it is also the greatest snowfall for any month ever recorded!

A VERY Snowy February

Can you believe that we’ve seen nearly 2ft. of snow so far this month in parts of the Central Plains? No surprise that we’re setting/getting close to records here.

Prior to last week, we were dealing with significant seasonal snowfall deficits, now there are significant surpluses from Guymon, OK to Des Moines, IA.

Snowy Kansas City, MO

The landscape in Kansas City, MO looks quite snowy, doesn’t it? Tuesday saw another 8.4″ of snow bringing the seasonal so tally to 24.1″, which is 8.2″ above normal for the season!

The storm totals from earlier Wednesday was 11.0″, which becomes the first storm total to exceed 10″ since February 25th, 1993. It also brings the February monthly total to 20.5″ (updated from the graphic below), which is still the 2nd snowiest February in recorded history behind the 20.7″ set in 1960.

Snowy Great Lakes

Here are the webcams from Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI from earlier today. Note the wintry landscape… something that we haven’t seen much of this season!

Snowy February

Take a look at how much snow we’ve seen this February across the central and western Great Lakes region. Keep in mind that these numbers don’t reflect what we’ve seen this Wednesday. These numbers will go up after the climatological numbers come in later today.

Here are the snow tallies for the season so far…

The numbers above may not say much to you, but the numbers below may help a little. Without including what we’ve seen this Wednesday, we still have some decent deficits around the Great Lakes region. We’ll see how the numbers change later today/tomorrow after the current storm system winds down.

Thanks for checking in and have a great rest of your week.

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