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Mayday Mayday… A Mayday Snow Storm Developing? Say It Ain’t Snow!

Tuesday April 30th, 2013

It certainly has been a little more “Springy” around the country lately. We’ve been talking a little more about showers, thunderstorms and severe weather reports. Thanks to Scan Dubuque for the image below is from Dubuque, IA on Monday. That’s a “Shelf Cloud” which is indicative of gusty winds and heavier rain at the least. This could also mean dangerous straight line winds, heavy rain, vigorous lightning and large hail moving your way! It is important to seek shelter when you see threatening weather like this headed your way!

“Mustache Cloud”

To me… this cloud also looks like a mustache, doesn’t it??

Northern Minnesota Hail

Thunderstorm also dropped large hail across Minnesota’s North Shore earlier today. The image below is a 3D view of the hail core that set up near Silver Bay, MN. A report from earlier today revealed 1.50″ diameter hail! And to think there’s still quite a bit of snow on the ground up there, WOW!

Thanks to @kentkaiser for the image below from Silver Bay. That’s a ping pong size hail stone!

Severe Threat Tuesday

A slow moving cold front will trigger additional thunderstorms across parts of the Midwest, some of which may be strong to severe later Tuesday. Hail, high winds and heavy rain would be the primary threat with any of the storms that develop.

Severe Threat Wednesday

That same cold front may fire up a few strong thunderstorms across parts of Texas on Wednesday. Hail, high winds and heavy rain would be the main concern there too.

Steamy Southwest

Thanks to Tracy Corris for the picture below out of Las Vegas, NV where they reached a record high of 99F on Monday! WHEW! Looks like a nice day to be by the pool or indoors enjoying the A/C. Thanks Tracy!

Highs Monday

Here are the high temperatures from Monday. Note that Phoenix and Yuma were in the 100s and Amarillo, TX hit a record hit of 94F!

Cooler Weather Ahead

UGH! Not what we want to see here. Another blob of below average temps sagging into the Lower 48. Temperatures through the rest of the week will be well below average for the middle part of the country starting tomorrow.

Say It Ain’t Snow!

This is unreal… Can you believe that we’re talking more snow? Another snow event looks to develop from the Front Range of the Rockies to the Upper Mississippi Valley over the next couple/few days. This snow could actually be enough to shovel/plow in spots.

Big Changes in Denver, CO

How quickly the weather changes along the Front Range of the Rockies. Look at Denver, CO; Monday the temperature topped out at 80F, on Wednesday, we’ll be in the 30s with snow!

Big Changes in the Twin Cities

Snow seems like such a distant memory in the Twin Cities after such a wonderful weekend. We manage to see our first 60F, 70F and 80F temperature since late last fall over the weekend, but more snow may be on the way. Temperatures will tumble as a front blows through and over the next couple of days, some folks could be shoveling snow in the Upper Mississippi Valley. At this point, it appears that the best potential for accumulating snow would be in SE MN and western WI.

“Cut-Off” Low

The forecast weather models are still suggests that an “Cut-off” low pressure system over the central part of the country through the weekend. It may finally wobble to the eastern part of the country by mid week next week. The image below shows the upper level low across the middle part of the country on Friday. This will keep the middle part of the country cool, cloudy and a bit soggy over a several day period.

Finally by early/mid next week, that upper level low will finally wobble east. By next week, we are going to be quite sick of talking about this system… I can guarantee it!

Heavy Rainfall Potential

NOAA’s HPC 5 day precipitation forecast suggests quite a bit of precipitation for the middle part of the country as this particular storm moves in. Not necessarily what we want to see in areas that are still dealing with flooding from the heavy rain event across the Midwest 2 weeks ago.

Last But Not Least…

We want to wish our very own Aaron Shaffer a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. May all your wildest dreams come true!

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week.

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