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Meanwhile, This City Hit 90° for the First Time in 2017

13 Mar 2017, 6:42 pm

While all eyes are locked on the Northeast as the urban corridor gets slammed by a potentially epic blizzard, one spot was busy basking in 90° heat for the first time this year.

Phoenix, Arizona tied a daily record high temperature from 1972 on Monday with the mercury soaring to 92° at Sky Harbor Airport, making it the first 90° day or above in Phoenix so far in 2017.

Even for Phoenix’s lofty standards, Monday’s heat came a bit early for the notoriously hot Valley of the Sun. The city’s first average 90° or more of heat is on March 31st, meaning this bout of warmth is a bit early for seasonable standards. A big dome of high pressure out West, known as a ridge, is drawing up the warmth, and scheduled to keep it in Phoenix and throughout the desert Southwest for much of the week ahead. Phoenix stands to bask in temperatures 15-20° above average for much of the upcoming week.

By the way, Phoenix’s average first 100°+ day is on May 12th. Summer’s searing heat isn’t far away, even as many dig out from big snow elsewhere. And no, that’s not in the forecast, at least not yet, anyway.

Stay with WeatherNation for the latest on a warm week for most out West, and yes, the Northeast blizzard.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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