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Meanwhile in North Korea Tens of Thousands Displaced by Floods

16 Nov 2016, 1:01 pm

A video from the DPRK Red Cross Society has offered a glimpse into the flood-stricken areas in North Korea.

The footage, from October, shows an elderly couple living in a temporary shelter in the northeastern North Hamgyong province after being displaced during the floods, which were caused by heavy rain in late August and early September. Son Dok Ri, 72, said in this video that the mountains were surrounded by water and everywhere looked like part of the ocean.

The flooding killed at least 133 people and displaced some 70,000 others, according to the IFRC. The North Korean government said it would build 20,000 houses before winter for those affected. China proposed building a temporary floating bridge to deliver relief goods to its neighboring country, while Russia and The Netherlands offered aid to help rehabilitation in the flood-damaged areas.

Red Cross volunteers have taught local residents how to use purification tablets in areas without clean water and delivered relief aid such as roofing sheets and warm bedding. The humanitarian organization called for more help for the flood victims, who would face tougher challenges as the temperature drops.

Video: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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