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Memories of March… More Snow and Cold

15 Apr 2014, 1:00 pm

Freezing Our Buds Off

Thanks to recent mild weather, flowers have been springing up all over the place, including the poor looking flower out of Toledo, OH. Unfortunately, some late season snow has nipped this particular daffodil in the bud! Thanks to Steve Scuba for the picture below.

4-15_0837_RGL_TOLEDO, OH_DAFFODILS SURRENDER_FB_STEVE SCUBAHere’s another snowy flower picture from Brian Baker out of Crossville, TN.



Record Cold Low Temps

Temperatures this morning were VERY cold for mid April. In fact, there were a number of record low temperatures

4-15 Lows Today

Lows Tonight

It’ll be another cold night tonight as temperatures dip into the freezing category for a number of locations even as far south as the Gulf Coast Region.

4.15 Low Tonight

Frost/Freeze Concerns

Due to the impending cold, the national weather service issued a number of frost/freeze headlines across the deep south. Keep in mind that the spring green-up has already commenced, so this will have some impacts on the new foliage out there!!

4.15 Freeze

Setting the Stage

Thanks to this colder than normal weather, our next storm system will likely bring SNOW to places in the Upper Midwest.

4.15 850tempsMore Snow on the Way…

UGH! Our latest storm system is expected to bring anywhere from 6″ to 12″ of snow across parts of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Here’s the latest info from the National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities.

4.15 MSP Warns

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