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Message from WeatherNation TV President Michael Norton

15 Jan 2014, 1:57 pm


Jan. 15, 2014

Dear WeatherNation viewers,

I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for watching WeatherNation TV. Just like we did when we first started several years ago, we continue to carefully read through and consider every single comment and suggestion we receive. We are grateful for your kind words, strong showing of support, and suggestions as we continually look to improve the service for you, our viewers.

Please continue to share your comments or suggestions at or via our Facebook and Twitter. From your suggestions, we’ve improved our on-screen graphics by deploying the latest Baron’s Omni® and VIPIR weather systems to forecast and illustrate current conditions with engaging and innovative real time 3D graphical mapping. We’ve enriched our on-air talent with a team of seasoned meteorologists eager to bring you 24/7 coverage of current weather. We’ve made WeatherNation TV available to new TV streaming platforms such as Roku, Sony, and Samsung, with more on the way. We’ve expanded our carriage with TV stations around the country to millions of viewers in small markets as well as major cities like Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver, and most recently, you’ve probably heard about us now being available on DIRECTV to 20 million satellite TV customers.


We recognize we still have a lot of work ahead, but as we move forward into 2014, please know that we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing you with reliable and current local, regional, national, and severe weather news all day, every day.


So again, for those of you who have helped make WeatherNation what it is today, I thank you and look forward to making WeatherNation the best it can be in the years to come.




Michael Norton

President, WeatherNation TV, Inc.

123 responses to “Message from WeatherNation TV President Michael Norton

  1. Please keep your station 24 hours of weather. Please don’t do I Weather Channel and put old weather stories on too fill air time. That’s the main reason I watch your station, is for the weather.

    Would like to see your station on Comcast.

  2. Mike, this is weather nations moment to shine and to get out ahead of the pack, It would be nice to be able to check my local weather as another one of your weather nations friends said, Please don’t name storms or develop and promote silly indexes as TorCon or StormCon, I am sure you will not let weather nation staff over step its bounds and will give credit to the hard working folks at the National Weather Service when official watch, warnings and advisories come into play and finally I hope there are extra coverage on major weather events such as severe weather outbreaks and hurricanes, Good Luck, I ordered a Weather Nation sweatshirt and will wear it proudly. ~ Tony Mondaro- Harrison, NJ

  3. 20 Million viewers, give us your best shot why you are better. 24/7 weather that we pay for is a good start. Show anything and everything weather live. The Aurora that is showing tonight, a live northern feed would be cool. Please do not push Global Warming or name storms. Provide bio information on your weather crew and feedback links to each.


    Randy Mays

  4. Add an on-demand local option & you guys will be perfect! Enjoy having a WEATHER station that actually focuses on WEATHER. I can get my reality TV shows elsewhere.

  5. Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it weather. Don’t try for the entertainment factor. And thanks to the lady meteorologists who dress like the professionals they are. God Bless!

  6. As a member of the launch team of The Weather Channel from 1982 – 1985, I am happy to see a new network that is dedicated to the same constant 24/7 weather coverage that once made TWC a solid source for national and local weather. So many of the original (and now former) meteorologists on staff at TWC with whom I am still in touch to this day, share the same heartache when we see the path on which TWC traveled in the last decade. WNTV has a golden opportunity to recapture the wonder of meteorology that was abandoned by the agenda-driven programming that drove viewers away in disgust. Like many of the thoughtful responses above, I echo the cheer and encouragement to stay the course: weather, pure and simple, leaving sensationalism, cheap stunts (naming winter storms), and agenda-driven content out of the mix.

    May God grant you all great blessing and increase in 2014.

    André Bernier

  7. The only problem I see with your channel is that I cannot access my local weather. Other than that, I love having access to the weather 24/7. Thanks.

  8. One thing I appreciate a great deal is the fact that WeatherNation understand and discussed climate change and does the science of it very well. This is very important and relevant. We tend to think of climate as long term and weather as short term but that distinction is breaking down, with so much happening in relation to climate change, both in the atmosphere and in the research fields. Please keep that up.

    Regarding naming storms: There is a good reason to name storms, it seems, to keep track. But the NWS has not done so for the simple reason that you can’t tell where a storm starts and ends unless it is a nice, neat, highly organized storm like a tropical cyclone, and even that can get messy now and then. I agree with the commenters above suggesting to not name storms. If naming storms makes sense AND is possible, it should be done by official meteorological agencies and by international convention.

  9. I wish I could get my local forecast. I have Directv and there is no way for me to get my local forecast like I could with the Weather Channel. Hopefully you and Directv will figure out a way to make that happen. Other than that I have no complaints.

  10. welcome to direct tv. I watch you regularly on the internet and now I can watch on tv. enjoy your cast of professionals and your program. keep up the good work.

  11. Mr. Norton:

    I appreciate WeatherNation for what it does, what it stands for, and that it remains true to its founding premises. Your competitor has turned its back on its original calling, only gives weather when it’s necessary to do so, and tries to create ‘weather events’ to maintain a viewership. When it comes to naming things, just allow the NHC and NOAA to do their jobs. There is no reason to ‘manufacture weather news’ when there is no “official” calling for it. There needed to be a line draw in the sand as to how far things will be taken, and WN honors that line. I thank you for that, easy access to producers and directors to correct things we find wrong, quickly making remedies for what is wrong, and a continual weather presence on air, online, and around the clock. Continue the good work. You will earn respect quickly. Always remember, it took a giant falling for you to gain your calling, so make the most of it, and never forget that fact.

    Thank you!

  12. Thanks for being nothing but 24/7, nonstop, wall-to-wall weather!:) I have DIRECTV, and this is your moment to really shine and stand out! You guys are the best!:)

  13. Love your station and you guys are doing a great job. I know it will take time and effort to grow your company with all the changes you must go though. If I can be of any help, please contact me, I’ve been a Sr. Manager and would love to work with a group like yours… I’ve been a weather fan since I was a kid and people always say I missed my calling… thanks for your daily reporting of the weather. Very good!

  14. I love weathernation! If I want to know what is really going on, weather-wise, and also how it relates to climate, this is the site I go to!

    And Paul Douglas does such a great job of explaining it all!

    Love his YouTube videos!

    Keep up the great work, and thanks so much!!!

  15. Thank you for showing actual weather! Please don’t go the way of TWC and start showing crap TV. Weather is important to so many people at all times of the day and night and severe weather can happen at any time.

    TWC had a service (which they recently canceled) called Notify! where subscribers would get a phone call in the event of severe weather in their area. I cannot for the life of me understand why they canceled such an important service. It was a paid service as well! I have a weather radio at home, but I travel and it was nice to be able to update my location as I was traveling so if there was severe weather in the middle of the night I would be notified.

  16. As one of the directv customers who lost the weather channel, it sure would be nice to access my local weather as I am used to doing.

  17. Been watching the last week, like what I see. Don’t lose your focus, weather 24/7 and only weather. THE WEATHER IS THE NEWS, not the on-air folks or anything else. Get out of the way of the weather radar (my pet peeve). Local Forecasts every 5-10 min would be nice. Good Luck ! Mw

  18. Just wanted to let you know, we are reading through all of these comments and appreciate the continued support. We are working with DirecTV to deliver local on demand. I am seeing other great suggestions in here too.

    Thank you,
    Lori Ryan/VP of Programming

  19. I am really enjoying your channel, what a breath of fresh air! Just as others have said here is my advice:
    1. Show only weather, no reality TV.
    2. Do not name winter/summer storms.
    3. Don’t sensationalize the weather. Way too much of that on your competition’s channel and it is stupid.

    Keep up the great work!

  20. As others have said, local weather is important. I will judge you when the “…hits the fan” with tornado and hurricane seasons. How well you deal with that will determine how much I like you.

  21. Weather Underground which has been brought out by TWC is currently undergoing changes that seem to coincide with TWC lackluster website. Will you be offering blogs for bloggers to comment about the upcoming weather as they currently do. It would be nice to have somewhere else to go that is about the weather itself and not about an agenda or what the boss as TWC wants to hear.

  22. How do we go about getting Weather Nation on all the many cable companies? Not everyone has Direct TV or Dish Network. We are sick of TWC and all their 17 hours of half hour programs that mean nothing and only getting 7 hours a day live weather. Hopefully after this deal with Direct TV they will fire the idiot that changed TWC to all the crap they now show and get back to their roots. And we are all tired of the on air women wearing clothing that is 2-3 sizes too small and short for them. Now they have taken to yelling the weather out. What ever happened to just normal voice conversation. What is important to the US cities is to be able to get local forecasts. Maybe on the 15’s, 4 times an hour is enough. And focus on all of the country, not just the northeast. And poor Alaska and Hawaii they get no coverage and a lot of people go there and would love to know what the weather is like there so they know what to take with them. A lot of people drive to Alaska, what are the road condition like from various crossing in to Canada points. A 30 day out look would be very beneficial to farmers nationwide. Is there live Weather Nation available on the computer somewhere? I turned on TWC last night about 10:30 my time and they were back to those half hour programs again. so much for their Live 24/7 they did for a couple days when they were trying to win Direct over.

  23. I’ve been impressed with how Weather Nation accurately and succinctly integrates current knowledge about climate change into many of its reports on weather, especially long-term weather trends and the handful of extreme-type events that can be definitively linked to a changing climate. It’s equally impressive when its staff navigate less certain areas of the science, including the relationship between tornadoes and climate change, where much uncertainty remains. I’m particularly pleased when I see Weather Nation meteorologists weighing in on other television stations, particularly cable news channels. A lot of other meteorology outfits have shied away from this topic — or worse — gotten it wrong. Please keep up the great work on this front. It’s much appreciated by science communicators and climate researchers.

    Aaron Huertas
    Union of Concerned Scientists

  24. I’m glad that you have not succumbed to the urge for “false balance” on the global warming issue. It’s real, it’s man-made, and it’s dangerous — and we need you to keep reporting the truth, not the distractions from crackpots.

  25. PLEASE do not send you weather men and women out in Hurricanes to show “how strong the winds are blowing” or have them broadcast live from knee deep water to “let us know” that it is flooding where they are… It is a running joke in our family to call out who gets the wind/water footage first.

  26. Keep showing the computer models like the euro and gfs and 850 temps.Dont dumb it down to just soccer moms like TWC did. ALso, make sure you keep it 24/7, no reality tv!

  27. My advice, Stick to the WEATHER 24/7
    Do not name winter storms
    Do not get into the GW scam debate
    No shows
    Make sure everyone on the show is highly qualified and has no personal agenda,
    Try to get on comcast, I dont know if that would be possible since they own TWC

  28. Thanks for connecting the dots – the weather has been really weird and really extreme this year and last year.

    Pointing out that carbon pollution is putting our climate on steroids and is dangerous to our health, property, and livelihoods is important. Great job!

  29. I think WeatherNation has a ton of potential! As far as suggestions, I’d like to see clearer maps (no globe, just a 2D graphic of the US) and it would be nice if the warm/ cold front graphics would be a little bolder and not as thin. Some transition background music between segments would really be cool to see also.

  30. The people complaining about not being able to check their local weather crack me up. Apparently since you posted a comment on here. You know how to use the internet and you can type. So all you have to do is type your zip code and the word weather into most any search engine and bingo you have your local weather. zip code weather. Try it, it’s magic !

  31. Wow a channel that does only weather. Thank you! if I need reality tv I will change channels. Glad to see some competition keep up the good work and just remember “Only Weather”.

  32. We love your weather coverage on DirecTV, but can’t get your app to work. It doesn’t recognize our location, Raphine, VA 24472 or that of a friend in Stephens City, VA. We can’t figure out what the problem is, because our location in Settings on our IPads is turned on.

  33. Thanks to all of you for delivering real weather all of the time! Great work so far! I like the viewer photos/videos, city casts and the airport forecasts, maybe add a map showing flight delays? Also, great seeing surface and upper level charts! Don’t be shy to show those with more fields. Very professional with the format and giving credit to all the sources you show on air!

  34. Thanks for being there when the Big channel lost its way. I found you folks when I bought my smart TV about a year ago. I enjoy your forecasting. and the naysayers everyone has to start somewhere and in time you will grow too. just give us Weather forecasting and keep the people watching involved by showing our photos and video of the weather were we are at. also make sure you keep reality tv shows off your network us people who are hard core weather junkies want one thing and that a weather forecast. also make sure you folks stay online so we can watch anytime and anyplace!

  35. I live in the “Salad Bowl of the World” Salinas, Ca. I’d like to see a local forecast for the 93901 zip code. We live weather 24/7 as farmers. Thank you.

  36. I very much enjoy watching WeatherNation and you really are what the TWC used to be. I do think fondly back to the 90s when Charlie Welsch, Sharon Resultan and others would just discuss the weather and give me information I could use. The local forecasts on TWC were always enjoyable – the smooth jazz was awesome and got me introduced to David Benoit, Rippingtons, etc.

    Two suggestions from a fan:

    – Put a “LIVE” banner at the top of the screen or in the lower third so you know when the OCMs are actually there. If they really are there 24 hours a day live, then people will know that at 2 am you are there for us – as opposed to having some crappy reality show on the air

    – Music during the map updates – licensing some good smooth jazz would be welcomed as opposed to what you have now. I’m sure that’s on your radar (haha) for the future.

    Thanks again for such a great network.

  37. I have Dish Network and they used to show you on one of the religious channels for 2 hours on Sunday mornings and I loved it. I was thrilled Directv dropped TWC in favor of you, you show weather they show reality tv. I am constantly writing and emailing Dish Network to drop TWC and add you! Any ideas on how I can make this happen, let me know!

  38. Definitely need a local forecast–and local severe weather warnings–option by zip code. Still have to use NOAA NWS on my computer to get truly local forecasts and warnings.

  39. It’s about time there is a weather channel that has the actual weather! My only few suggestions are: better music, larger radar maps when meteorologist show fronts and systems moving through the country, and show more weather in Alaska, Hawaii and all U.S. territories. I also very much enjoy seeing meteorologists of all shapes and sizes and genders on Weather Nation…not just the beautiful skinny people. Keep it real and keep up the good work.

  40. I like Weather Nation. The graphics are good. I love the website. I like how you show Florida as a separate entity from the Southeast. I like how the inland freeze maps for tonight in FL show the pockets of colder air. I like how the play button is pressed and the Nation’s temp(color coded) map of the US shows the fluid-like behavior. This is it!!!

  41. All you guys need is a local weather forecast and alert system by zip and y’all will be perfect. Still y’all have TWC beat by a mile awesome meteorologist and no farting reality TV. Who gives a crap about hillbillies looking for rocks! Stay Golden!

  42. Love Weather Nation! My only suggestion is adding an option for getting our specific local by zip code, like we had with TWC on DirecTV. Other than that, great job!

  43. Being in this business, I can see why it’s crucial to get WX information out to the public in a timely manner and as accurate as possible, especially during Severe WX events. Tuning into “Prospectors” on TWC during a tornado outbreak just wasn’t getting the job done for me. I’m very happy to see that DirecTV stuck to its guns and dropped TWC, and that WeatherNation TV has taken its place. Kudos to all of you at WeatherNation. Keep up the great work, and please don’t slip into TWC Mode with your programming!

  44. As a professional Astronomer and former meteorologist for more that two decades, I watched the Whether Channel from day one. But in the past few years I got so tired of ditsy fashion model forecasters, over sensationalizing of common weather events, telling viewers that every weather event was due to man-made global warming and man-made climate change, and stupid programs like Prospectors. How nice and refreshing that DirecTV switched to WeatherNation so I can watch weather without having it look like reality TV! Keep up the good work!

  45. Wendy.. we are working with DirecTV to deliver local on demand. We are also looking at ways to improve the bottom banner and the music. Thanks for taking the time to a leave a comment. We appreciate it.

  46. Thank you Direct TV for replacing the “other” NBC propaganda weather channel for Weather Nation! If WN stays away from politics, news and climate change, I will watch it all day long!!!! Congrats to WN and Michael Norton for your success and wish Direct TV would add The Blaze!

  47. Would like to see a 500mb ridges and trough depiction both current and 120 hr forecast including forecast rain areas. Also an option to get regionalmforecast by hitting say the red button at any time.

  48. Was so glad the Weather Channel was replaced with your Weather Nation Channel I have Direct TV. Love it keep up the great weather reports

  49. I love y’all. Have been watch WeatherNation since mid December. I ask three things. You add severe weather alerts ,on demand weather by zip code , and make your ticker a little wider. You are almost perfect and will be soon I have no doubt .

  50. Tell Paul Douglas I still remember when he had total weather on the radio 30 years ago. He was great back them and I’m sure he will be as good at W N

  51. I appreciate how well your coverage explains weather as a function of our planet’s climate, including how climate change is affecting our weather. The sciences of meteorology and climatology are related but both extremely complex, and I appreciate how well you explain those connections.

  52. Welcome to Directv. It’s good to have a channel that is ALL weather. My only request is that you add local weather by zip code.

  53. I was pleased to see DirecTV drop the Weather Channel for a channel that actually consistently covers the weather instead of airing dubious reality programming. (Yeah, I mean you, “Prospectors” and “Freaks of Nature,” etc.) TWC lost its way sometime over the 15+ years I was watching it… Maybe “Friday Night and a Flick” was the first sign. The purge of a number of lower-key meteorologists five years or so ago and subsequent focus on “stars” like Jim Cantore et al could have been another. It’s certainly pleasant to watch meteorologists who don’t interrupt or talk over each other! I sent a message to DirecTV saying that I hope it continues to carry Weather Nation instead of TWC. I’m very satisfied with the change.

  54. We got to experience WeatherNation a few years ago on Dishnetwork. I like TWC but I am tired of all the reality TV. Would love to see WN come to Dishnetwork.

  55. I agree with the comments above that request local weather by zip code. We are on the TN and VA state line and are left off all of your graphics. The Tri Cities, TN-VA is a mid size market slightly smaller than Chattanooga of about 3/4 million people.

  56. Looks like all will be ok if you can get some local forecasts and I feel you will in due time…Like the fact that you give us weather and not all that crap….just stick with it and don’t go BIG TIME, if you know what I mean…

  57. I don’t think you have a lot of work ahead. I’m very happy with the website as is. I live in NJ but the information on the website is relevant to me. I like the mix of scientifically explaining weather behavior, historical information, links to other interesting articles, and personal anecdotes. I have never been interested in weather before, I am not a weather junkie, but I’m glad to have found your website. My interest probably has a lot to do with the educational element of this website – what can you learn from a pretty person waving their hands in front of a map on tv and talking fast? I’ve really come to like the people on this website. Keep up the good work.

  58. Russ, we are working with DirecTV to deliver local on demand. We are also looking at ways to improve our closed captioning. Thanks for the input and we appreciate your patience.

  59. It is refreshing after being a lifetime Weather Channel fan to see in WeatherNation, the Weather Channel the way it used to be, strictly weather. Directv should be applauded for dumping the “About the Weather Channel” for a real weather channel.

  60. Welcome to my living room on DirecTV! Viewers tried to tell The Weather Channel for years to show the weather, not stupid reality shows. They didn’t listen and now they’re paying. Hurrah! I have total confidence in your commitment to improve your channel. It’s already great! Just stick to the weather. If it gets too slow, what about traffic problems on major interstates and airport delays? Sort of like an “all information” channel. Great stuff for travelers as well as at home. Welcome aboard. I hope we get to keep you!

  61. I co-sign with Brian R, on if you all there are in works with any of the cable and satellite providers? It would be great to have more options in 24hr televised weather networks. Keep up the improvements and great work you all do! #realweather #weathernation

  62. I am enjoying your station, so far so good. Yes, weather on demand is always a great thing to have. Another great idea, see what Dave Schwartz is up to these days, a funny and great meteorologist back on the air would be lovely!

  63. Just introduced to your channel by a fellow weather hobbyist. Wish Verizon would pick you up. Weather Channel is flat-out embarrassing. The final straw was deciding it would be a good idea to name winter storms. Ridiculous. Good luck and please do all you can to persuade Verizon to pick you up.

  64. I’m so glad your station has replaced TWC on DirecTV. As a new viewer I have a few suggestions: Showing a 7 day forecast as a graphic while a meteorologist reads it serves no purpose, especially if it’s for a place I don’t live. Why not show the forecast as a smaller graphic while the meteorologist shows the entire country and explains the forecast for the whole country? Many years ago when TWC actually did the weather they would explain the dynamics creating the forecasts nationally and it was very informative. I’d like to see that type of reporting. Also, a “local on the 8’s” type of arrangement would be very helpful.

  65. I’m not liking it at all, the only reason I went to TWC in the first place was to hit the red button on my DirecTV remote and get my local weather quickly. Now i have to wait to “hopefully” find out what the heck my weather will be. It’s ridiculous.

    1. I disagree TWC had become a mess of entertainment shows rarely showing the actual weather. I used TWC to see weather for other areas where family and friends lived and then the button for local. I hope that DirecTV will offer the use of the instant local button to the new provider which would complete the transition as far as I am concerned. TWC had become more fluff than information.

  66. So far, I prefer WN over TWC – fewer commercials, less filler, more information.
    Suggestions: Good content example to follow: WGN nightly weather maps are detailed and go well beyond anything TWC presented. Please don’t hype the weather, like naming snow events!
    Add local updates.

  67. I really love what you guys are doing. I think that it is about time The Weather Channel gets off the pedestal that they were on. To those people who have DirecTV and were using it to get updates on their local weather forecast; since they spent all this money on their new graphics they got rid of the true Local on the 8s! It wouldn’t have alerted them to storms coming to their area anyway. If you are so worried about that you should get a weather radio! WeatherNation should talk about the chances when you might lose power and need to be alerted of storms, you can use a weather radio. To show you guys care you might want to team up with your local affiliates to teach your viewers how to program a weather radio, they do that from time to time with the local NBC and ABC stations. I was Broadcast Meteorology minor at the local university/PBS station and we use WSI, i’m glad you guys stopped using WeatherCentral since it was taken over by WSI/Weather Channel. I can’t wait until you get your true Local on the 5s on the air! Best of luck to you WeatherNation!

  68. At least it IS weather. TWC had become a mess of entertainment shows rarely showing the actual weather unless you caught the 8s or pressed the local button. If WN gets the local button they have TWC beat.

  69. Thank you i am so tired of TWC telling me when i get up in the morning i am ruining the earth my simple brain tell me the earth is here for us to use intelligently i hope. i want good weather reporting not reality tv. good by TWC alais NBC. keep up the good work i went to roku just to get your channel please stay on ROKU.

  70. I am so glad to see that I don’t have to watch the regular news on TWC. When I turn to a weather channel I want to see weather, not headlines unrelated to weather. I would like to see the interactive content available on directv using the red button but other than that I like the new channel. I don’t care if the weather channel ever comes back. That’s coming from a girl that has watched TWC avidly since its inception. Good job. No more Al Oker. He needs to stay on NBC.

  71. I am glad to have the weather back on Direct TV 24/7. The improvements I have noticed since we started receiving Weather Nation are impressive and appreciated. When I turn on a weather channel I want weather, not chat between meteorologists, or watching the weatherman try to stand up in a hurricane, or out on a beach, or worse yet a reality show about Alaska…..
    I can get those things from National Geographic. I just want weather. I don’t even mind having to wait for my area of the country to come up as I have family in 6 states. Keep up the good work. Florida Grandma.

  72. PS I like your meteorologists. They are personable without being obnoxious. And they all have soothing and calm voices. Thank you to all of you. You are much appreciated. Florida Grandma

  73. THANK YOU for replacing TWC on DirecTV…I stopped watching TWC because I never could get actual weather info anymore, it’s all reality tv, docudramas and waste now. Thank you for actually reporting the weather 24/7, as TWC used to do.

    Suggestions: everything mentioned above, plus would like to see real-time radar presented by the meteorologists, and a “local on the 8’s” type of setup, when the technology is in place to do so. I would also like to know if I am actually watching a “live” forecast or if it’s taped.

    I understand you are growing yet hope that with nationwide carriage now that you’ll truly be able to launch forward and expand in all areas.

    1. Chris, we are working on enhancing our local coverage including local on demand. You should notice improvements in the next few weeks. We are also working to introduce more live radar. Thanks for the nice note and the suggestions. We appreciate it.

  74. if you like weather on the nbc weather channel go on over cause they are playing reality tv as usual good by weather channel HELLO WEATHERNATIONTV thank you weathernation got you on ROKU

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