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Message of Divinity Reported Through Clouds

15 Aug 2014, 3:02 pm

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Earlier this week over the skies of Cape Coral, Florida some news outlets, including Christian Today, highlight as a potential sign of a message from a divinity.

The image is, unquestionably, striking. With the sun beautifully illuminated in the background, a puffy cumulus cloud does appear to take the shape of a person, with the ‘head’ cocked forward in perhaps a praying position and, if you’re looking closely enough, even the glow of an angel on the right-hand side. Others, however, have somewhat sneered at the suggestion that this could be a sign from above.

Meteorologically, this, rather simply, appears to be a developing cumulus cloud. My guess is thin, building clouds such as this one are similar in structure to many of the ones you might see on a summer Florida afternoon, with building heat and humidity leading to constant rising motion in the juicy skies above south Florida. Of course, I can’t quite explain the ‘head’ and ‘arm’ (on the right side of the ‘body’). But my interpretation of what this is…doesn’t matter. It’s all you, world.

I can say this with a little bit more authority: don’t expect any similar types of clouds to form in the area, at least not for your day today. Storms with clouds far bigger than this one will overspread southwest Florida, likely wiping out any possibility of divinity-related cloud formations taking place.

But at the very least, this cloud should serve as a reminder: always keep an eye to the sky. You never know what you might see next!

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

2 responses to “Message of Divinity Reported Through Clouds

  1. signs of the divine take on many forms in appearances that we can “handle.” Unfortunately there will be those naysayers who just won’t believe what I can see, so I won’t try to convince them. The rest already know….

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