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Messy October

31 Oct 2009, 5:19 pm

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s hard to believe that October is over already, but it certainly has been an interesting one. A lot of records have been broken over the course of the past 31 days and I thought I’d share some of these little facts.

Friday Rainfall Records
Friday Rainfall Records

The United States has seen the wettest October in 50 years. It’s not hard to believe with the impressive storm systems we’ve seen this month. The latest storm system was a beast! Yesterday, Broaddus Texas received 12 inches of rain. Hundreds of rainfall records were set along the Mississippi River Valley and other areas. Flood warnings are still in effect after all the rain we saw. The good news is that the nation’s mid section has seen a big improvement in their weather–just in time for Halloween! It’s no fun trick-or-treating in the rain.

Another interesting little fact? The United States has seen its coldest October since 1976 and the 2nd coldest in the past 50 years. Many areas have been dealing with unseasonably cold temperatures–the Midwest comes to mind. October 2009 made it onto the top 5 coldest Octobers in the Twin Cities with the average temperature this year running a good 7° – 8° below the average. Chicago had the coldest October since 1988. Dallas? The coldest since 1976.

And oh the snow–yes. October 2009 has been a wintry mess for many. Three feet of snow was reported in Colorado this past week. All that from one single storm system. Cheyenne ranked October 2009 as the snowiest October on record with 28 inches. The previous record was 23.1 in 1906. Boston recorded its earliest snowfall to start the season.

All-in-all, it has been an interesting October. Let’s see what November will bring…

Happy Halloween! Don’t eat too much candy.

Susie Martin


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