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Meteorological Fall Is Near but Summer Is Sticking Around

17 Aug 2016, 11:24 pm

We are getting closer to meteorological fall, which is September 1st, but don’t be fooled. The heat will be with us a while longer and heat safety can save lives.

People with limited mobility, elderly, children and pets are the most vulnerable to heat. Therefore you want to always keep an eye on them and make sure they are getting enough water, shade and cool air.  If you are in an area with low humidity levels you want to drink plenty of water, take breaks from the heat and don’t exert too much energy unnecessarily.

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In areas of high humidity levels, drink plenty of water but more importantly you want to stay inside where there is cool air as much as possible. The combo of high humidity, drinking water and sweating is not good.  The human body cannot sweat as effectively as it can in drier heat.  “Sweating, one of the key cooling mechanisms of the body, only works to cool us down if the water that is excreted through the skin, evaporates. This is where humidity comes in. The concentration of water in the air, relative to the temperature (relative humidity) determines the rate at which the water can evaporate from the skin. When the air is holding more moisture (relative to the total moisture it could hold at that temperature), it is harder for the air to absorb the sweat from our skin. The result? We sweat and sweat but instead of feeling any relief, we simply feel hot and sticky. With high relative humidity subverting the cooling ability of sweating, the body is eventually forced to do other things to cool us down.”  according to  This can lead to dehydration.  It is safer not to take the chance if you do not have to and stay inside where it is cool.

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Also, always remember to “Look Before You Lock”…don’t leave children, elderly or pets in vehicles.

Headline image: Yellow Creek Forest, Thruston, KY  – Joshua Wade

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