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Meteorological Spring Begins March 1

26 Feb 2017, 6:13 pm

It’s the start of a whole new season Wednesday…at least for the meteorological community.

Meteorological Spring begins March 1 and runs through May 31. Meteorological spring is different from astronomical spring, which begins on Monday, March 30, 2017.

You may be wondering, why do meteorological and astronomical Spring start on different days? In short, it is because the astronomical seasons are based on the position of the Earth in relation to the sun, whereas the meteorological seasons are based on the annual temperature cycle. In other words, meteorologists and climatologists use these equal length, 3-month seasons to keep track of weather and temperature values and statistics.

We generally think of winter as the coldest time of the year and summer as the warmest time of the year, with spring and fall being the transition seasons. Meteorological spring includes March, April, and May; meteorological summer includes June, July, and August; meteorological fall includes September, October, and November; and meteorological winter includes December, January, and February.





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