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Meteorological Summer Begins This Weekend, June Temperature Outlook

30 May 2014, 11:52 am

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Gorgeous view of the sunshine in Chicago! From the National Weather Service in Chicago, this is the first time since October that the average temperature for the month has not been below average. Just 4 months ago the wind chill was -40!


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With temperatures in the 70s and plenty of sunshine, it will certainly feel summerlike this weekend in New York.

This weekend we will be changing the calendars over to June.  In the world of weather, this is a significant because we will also be beginning Meteorological Summer, which is June, July, and August.  And one of the big questions always is, “What will the weather be like this summer? Hot? Cool? Soggy? Dry?”

Initial outlooks for the month of June indicate that the Great Lakes to the High Plains will stay cool while most of the West Coast,  the Central Plains, and southern Florida stays warmer than average.


A similar trend will continue for the much of the rest of the summer. The outlooks for the combined outlook for the next three months shows the continuation of the cooler than average conditions in the Midwest while the coasts stay warmer.


A cool down is already starting to take shape across the Midwest for this weekend and into next week.  After a warm and sunny week, a front swings through this weekend and temperatures will be dropping back below seasonal averages by the middle of the week.

Highs Today


Highs Tuesday

Cooler air settles in across the High Plains, the Dakotas, and the Great Lakes, while the heat continues in the Southwest and the Southern Plains.


Check out tomorrow’s blog for the precipitation outlook.

Happy Friday!

Gretchen Mishek

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