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Miami, South Florida Obliterate Rainfall Records

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Heavy rain across southeast Florida is causing more flood problems in southeast Florida’s heavily populated urban corridor, with Miami already seeing its third-rainiest December on record, less than five days into the month.

As of 5pm Saturday afternoon, Miami International Airport had 8.38″ of rain in the month of December, far above the city’s average December rainfall of barely two inches (2.04″). A stalled frontal boundary meant that strong showers and thunderstorms were continuing to pound central and south Florida, with more heavy rainfall likely for the remainder of the weekend.

Forty miles north of Miami, West Palm Beach had 4.97″ of rain through the same time period, and Fort Lauderdale had 4.68″, with both of those figures more than double those respective cities’ December averages.

Stalled fronts are more typical across the region in October and early November, when cold fronts run up against the warm air of the Caribbean and have difficulty pushing through.

The front will eventually make its way through early next week, but not before dumping another 1-3″ of rain on the southeast corner of the Sunshine State. More flooding is possible over the next few days as a result.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Webcam image: Palm Beach County Government

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