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Midwest Blasted, More to Come!

19 Dec 2008, 12:43 pm
Northeastern U.S. Around Noon - HAMrad II
Northeastern U.S. Around Noon - HAMrad II Road Conditions Road Conditions

Chicago Montrose Dog Beach Credit: Chistopher Booker - Tribune
Chicago Montrose Dog Beach Credit: Chistopher Booker - Tribune

The storm we’ve talked about for the last few days has officially roared through and paralyzed much of the midwest as ice, snow, and rain pummeled America’s heartland. It came, it saw, it conquered.

Frequent reports of thunder roared through Ohio in the early hours of the morning, as a large transformer was reported to have been blown out in central Toledo. Power outages are still reported throughout the Glass City as Level 1 snow emergencies are still active for much of northern Ohio. reports most of northern Ohio as having moderate snow and icing conditions at the time of this writing, but good news for the area as the majority of winter nastiness is quickly moving through the state.

The Journal Sentinal out of Milwaukee reports this morning that nearly a foot of snow, with accompanying strong winds blasted Mitchell International Airport last evening stranding many motorists and even shutting down government and business operations.

Chicago didn’t fare much better as hundreds of flights were canceled at O’Hare International Airport as up to 7 inches of snow and ice pounded the region. Even the Metra Electric service (train) was shut down because of frozen wires.

An enormous list of schools (WGN) and services have been closed for the city and suburbs due to the inclement conditions. I was surprised scrolling through the list to see several libraries as well.

The snow and ice that pounded the midwest will roll through the northeast through tomorrow morning with a consistent vigor. Amounts of up to 8″ will occur in many areas with emphasis on Massachusetts, southern Vermont & New Hampshire, and portions of southern New York State. Amounts of a foot or more in some areas is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Snow in the upper great plains and upper Midwest over the weekend is definitely in the cards. I would not be surprised if a blizzard warning or two is issued for those regions and as the system continues to stream along the northern tier during its brisk track.

More snow is also on the way for the Pacific Northwest, with the usual heavy accumulations in mountainous terrain.

More details tomorrow as I am swamped today trying to keep things chugging along.

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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