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Midwest Farmers Will Need to Replant After Recent Flooding Rains

22 May 2017, 1:53 pm

A very active weather pattern over the past few weeks has led to soggy fields and threatening crop disease. Earlier in the week, farm fields in Nebraska are becoming ponds, which caused one Nebraska farmer to go wakeboarding in his field.

In the past 30 days, about 40 percent of the Midwest got twice the amount of normal rainfall, with soils saturated from Arkansas to Ohio. While spring showers usually benefit crops, the precipitation has come fast enough to flood some corn and rice fields and trigger quality concerns about maturing wheat.

In Illinois, most of the corn has been planted throughout the state, but due to the nearly foot of rainfall over the past few weeks, will likely cause most farmers to replant their fields.

Corn in other areas of the Midwest will need reseeding because of flooding and poor crop emergence, and may have missed the optimal planting window, while late soybean planting was being slowed by showers. Despite the spring deluge, there is a surprising grain rally amid the crop concerns. Corn and wheat are headed for monthly gains on the Chicago Board of Trade while rough-rice futures are headed for the biggest such advance in six years.

Additional rainfall is forecast for the week ahead, some which could be heavy, is causing additional concern.

Story Image: @AgassizDrain

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