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Midwest Freeze Wednesday Night

26 Apr 2017, 4:38 pm

As skies clear tonight and cold air continues to spill into Nebraska, northern Kansas and western Iowa, frost and freeze conditions are possible.

A freeze warning is in effect from northeast Nebraska to northwest Iowa, with lows forecast around 29 to 32 degrees for several hours tonight. The area in the freeze warning is not vulnerable to frost damage alone, and most plant growth would be damaged by hard freezing temperatures of 28 degrees or colder.

Further south, where plant growth is a little more advanced, a frost advisory is in effect. Temperatures are forecast to fall to around 31 to 35 degrees, along with light winds and dewpoint temperatures near to just below freezing. Take precautions to protect tender, vulnerable plants that could be damaged by frost or freeze conditions.

If there happens to be a little more cloud cover or winds remaining light instead of calm, this would keep temperatures on the higher side of the forecasted range; while calm and clear conditions for longer periods would allow the colder temperatures to occur.

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