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Millions Brace For Dangerous, Potentially Damaging Storms Friday

23 Feb 2017, 11:35 pm

Dangerous, potentially damaging thunderstorms threaten over 20 million residents Friday across the Midwest and northeast. Some storms have the potential to be damaging with severe wind gusts, large hail and isolated tornadoes Friday into early Saturday.

This is all part of a larger storm system responsible for bringing blizzard conditions to the nation’s heartland. Meanwhile, dozens of high temperature records were shattered Thursday on the storms warm side. Many of the same cities which broke record highs Thursday may break records again Friday before a potent cold front slices through the region.

The cold front will trigger a line of strong to severe thunderstorms Friday afternoon and night. Cities most at risk include Detroit, Fort Wayne, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville where an “enhanced risk” of severe weather exist. This means these cities have a 30% chance of observing severe weather within 25 miles.

Some of these storms have the potential to cause property damage, trigger power outages and cause travel disruptions.

Storms will continue to push eastward through the overnight into parts of the northeast. There is a “marginal risk” for severe thunderstorms there on Saturday– damaging winds and large hail will be the primary concern.

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