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Minnesota Community Breaks Out Snowplows to Remove Hail

11 Jun 2017, 3:50 pm

The scene in one Minnesota community Sunday looked like the aftermath of a snowstorm, as residents and public works employees in Coon Rapids, Minnesota took to the streets to shovel and plow hail.

Severe thunderstorms moved across the state Sunday morning, producing hail, rains, strong winds and lightning. The National Weather Service reported wind gusts as high as 60 mph in some areas. Winds in Meeker County, west of the Twin Cities, touched 80-mph.

The Minnesota State Patrol says two people were hurt when wind gusts flipped a pickup and camper as the driver was moving onto the shoulder on a county road in Meeker County. They were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

In a post on Facebook, the city of Coon Rapids posted, “public works crews report most storm damage is east of Hanson Blvd. and south of Egret Blvd. There are few reports of trees down, but significant hail has piled up in several areas and leaves/debris is clogging storm sewer drains in several areas. Crews are out with front-end loaders (and even a snowplow!) removing storm debris and will continue working today. Thanks for your patience as we work to clean up from the storm and thanks for calling any reports in to 911. Plowing in June? How can this be? Only in MN!”

The complex of storms knocked out power to more than 132,000 people Sunday morning, but by late Sunday afternoon, only a couple thousand remained without power.

Photos: City of Coon Rapids, MN

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