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Missouri Gets Hit Again

Missouri Gets Hit Again For anywhere in the country that’s dealing with the constant barrage of Winter weather, all we can say is, we feel your pain and we’re ready for Spring too! In Southern Missouri, the middle of the week still looked like the middle of Winter and the Show Me State showed us that they’re members in good standing of “the late Winter weather club.”

In Anderson, it was a mix of snow that came down heavily for a while and coated the roads, while seriously dropping visibilities at its peak. Highway traffic was still moving, but thankfully slower than usual, as snow kept coming down. And then came the more dangerous, slicker sleet and with it, the highway slide-off accidents.

Heading East, over to Mountain Grove, there was still more snow. The upside of this snowfall was that it was a little lighter and a little dryer, although it still caused problems with visibility for drivers. But as it fell, the state road crews were putting down sand and salt and plowing the heavier stuff off to the sides of the highways.

The roads were certainly safer after that work and in places the snow was so powdery that traffic actually blew the snow off the roads. It’s good to remember, though, that anything that’s turned to slush or water will refreeze in spots and black ice will surely be an issue overnight, into Thursday morning.

We’ll have updates on the latest conditions across the country here, as always!

John Van Pelt

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