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Mobile Home Residents: How to Stay Safe in a Tornado

This weekend’s tornado outbreak across the Southeast killed at least 19 people, at least 14 of which were attributed to people inside mobile homes.

Between 1985-2005, more than 44 percent – or nearly half – of tornado-related fatalities occurred with people inside mobile homes.

We believe it’s important to re-visit tornado safety preparedness, particularly for mobile home residents.

A few tips about how to stay safe in a tornado if you live in a mobile home:

First, if a Tornado Watch is issued for your area, see if there’s a friend or family member (or anyone) living in a ground-built home that you can stay with during the duration of the Watch. Early, preventative action is the best way to stay safe in the event of a tornado.

Second, however, if you are in a mobile home and you are placed under a Tornado Warning, you should immediately seek sturdy shelter and leave your mobile home. Many mobile home parks have storm shelters, and those should be utilized as soon as any Tornado Warning is issued.

Third, and entirely in a last resort, the National Weather Service advises that you head inside a vehicle – and yes, leave your mobile home – buckle your seat belt (use a blanket or cushion additionally, if possible) and cover your head below window level.

Make sure you have a NOAA weather radio to get alerts at night and follow these instructions, as well.

These tips could save your life. Perhaps printing this out and posting it in your home could ensure that the next time Mother Nature strikes you and your loved ones will be safe.

And as always, make sure to stay with WeatherNation for the latest on any potential severe weather and the latest forecast.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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