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Monsoon Season Kicks Off in the Southwest

16 Jun 2013, 9:50 am

The rain has arrived in the Southwest! Check out the Tucson photo above from the University of Arizona. Vertically developing cumulus clouds are a sign of rains to come.

Monsoon Season. Contrary to popular belief, the Southwest does indeed have  a monsoon season where the winds shift around. Early in the summer, the winds continue in a westerly pattern, blowing in dry air from the South.

Once summer is underway, the area of high pressure drifts northward and thus opens the Gulf of Mexico to allow more moisture to fuel thunderstorms.

The monsoon in Salt Lake City, UT isn’t nearly as noticeable, but nevertheless it is still quite impressive.

Monsoon rains in Denver last from  the spring right through the summer and taper off around fall.

Meanwhile, Tucson has a very distinct monsoon cycle. April, May, and June are the driest months by FAR in the Tucson region, but they make up for it with soaking rains from July and August.

In just the last 24 hours alone, Tucson has seen nearly 4 tenths of an inch. Meanwhile, Parker Canyon Lake got over an inch of some much-needed rain.

This is the rain forecast for the next 48 hours or so will add to these recent rains. The Denver metro is in for another third of an inch.

Remember, if you get any photos during monsoon season (or video) please share it with us! Head to for all the latest updates. And have a Happy Father’s Day! -Meteorologist


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