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More Tornadoes Hit Nebraska, Another Risk Wednesday?

18 Jun 2014, 5:58 am
Coleridge, NE Tornado via KDR Media
Coleridge, NE Tornado via KDR Media


Another night, more unfortunate weather history in Nebraska.


Just an hour’s drive north of Pilger, Nebraska, the site of Monday’s famous two-tornado storm that killed two people, is Coleridge, Nebraska. Unfortunately for little Coleridge, a town of less than 500, a massive twister touched down on the outskirts of town (storm chaser reports placed it just northeast of the town center, missing it by less than a mile), and it stayed in place for over half an hour, per reports.


The tornado, described by chasers as large and violent, barely inched, staying essentially in place as it chewed up Nebraska farmland (and hopefully not much else). Tornadoes in the Midwest, as we all know, are common. Slow-moving, or in this case, non-moving tornadoes are very rare. If it’d been over a populated area, who knows the damage that it could have done.


The good news: there are no early reports of injuries or widespread destruction, unlike the storm that drilled Pilger on Monday.


All-in-all, 28 tornadoes touched down in Nebraska on Tuesday (preliminary count, per the Storm Prediction Center), just a day after an EF-4 tornado slammed through Pilger. Thirty-three tornadoes were reported across the Midwest on Monday, and more could be on the way on Wednesday. A strong closed low will slowly churn eastward, but it’ll deliver another potential blow of severe weather on Wednesday again. And unfortunately, many of the same areas (eastern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, southeastern South Dakota and northern Iowa) could be in line for more big storms on Wednesday.


Thursday and Friday look calmer here in the Midwest- and hopefully we can dodge another big severe weather day on Wednesday.


Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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