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More Winter Weather Set To Impact The Southeast: Update For Today Through Wednesday

10 Feb 2014, 11:31 am

A few key headlines with our double-dose of winter weather in the Southeast:

*Another state of emergency in Georgia – this time 45 counties as of mid-morning Monday.

*Also, Atlanta is canceling after school activities for today, with further cancelations still TBD.

It’s been a rough go of things across the Southeast, no question.  Really, it’s been a rough winter throughout most of the nation.  This particular round has a very impressive impact moving into the southeast, and that includes some of the usual spots impacted this winter: Atlanta, Birmingham, and others.

Let’s go through the timing, and describe what we’re expecting.

Going through Tuesday… starting with Tuesday mid-morning:


Tuesday Morning: Mid-Morning


Look closely at the colors on the map.  The greens/reds/yellows are for rainfall forecasts, and with 2″ or more of rain forecasted in the non-winter zones things will be quite soggy.  The pinks would be mixed/sleet/ice precipitation, and notice the narrow band on the same latitude near Atlanta & Birmingham.

That first wave of precipitation slides east fairly quickly.  Notice the pink shades (ice/mix) over the Carolinas, as well.  They have significant icing potential in those zones.


72-Hr Ice Potential For 0.25" Ice


That map above is for the next 3 days.




Notice that around the noon to 1pm hour EST you are still seeing a very messy scene, and still a very similar scene to a few hours earlier.

That shifts quickly…



Notice the significant shifts.  The first wave of moisture slides off-shore, with lingering mix along the Eastern Seaboard, and a NEW batch of precipitation moving into the Mississippi River Valley.

At this same time, freezing temps and below will be located over Arkansas and far northern MS, AL, GA.  This is cause for concern heading into Wednesday, as the rain from the South and the cold air from the North look to converge over the heavily populated southern cities.




More robust rain to the south, and ice/freezing in pink.  If this map verifies we could be talking significant icing/sleeting in spots from Atlanta into the Carolinas, again.

Right now we’re looking at a 1-2″ ice/sleet combined forecast for Wednesday.  We’ll see how that changes over the next 24 hours or so.




The big shift by this point is the snow in the higher elevations.  With this we’re talking 3-4″ of snow, or more than that in the highest of locales.  Northern Georgia could even be talking 2-5″ or more of accumulations between Tuesday & Wednesday’s storms!

All in all a very significant storm, again.  The governor of Georgia has issued a state of emergency for 45 counties, so they aren’t messing around with this one.  We’ll likely see other impacts as well.

Stay tuned to WeatherNation for more updates as we head through this storm!

WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV

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  1. Thank you all for what you do! The Weather Channel with their massive egos, documentaries, phony drama stories and other NBC political crap can take a permanent hike! You all at Weathernation are my new favorite channel!

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