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Mostly quiet start to November across the US

1 Nov 2009, 3:51 pm

Welcome to the first day of November, can you believe it?! With Daylight savings time ending at 2am this morning that just means that our days will get shorter and darker and for many it is time to hibernate.  With only two months left to end 2009 we know that Winter is right around the corner and for many it is already here.  Let’s just go over what happened in the month of October, we had record heat across Florida, record rainfall  in the Midwest and the South, and record snowfall in Colorado and Nebraska… so October of 2009 is one that many will remember for different reasons.  This month, as of now, is looking like it will shape up a little bit different because the jet stream has moved further north allowing for some warmer air to filter into the Midwest and the rain systems would not dip all the way into Texas (at least that’s how it is looking like now).

Even though there are flood warnings currently anywhere from Eastern Texas all the way up north into Chicago and many have been struggling with flooded homes, it is a great news to announce that the drought index is extremely low across hard hit areas such as Texas, eastern Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  I have attached a graphic with the latest information on Drought in the nation.

US drought monitor 11-1 Many will enjoy of a lot of sunshine today anywhere from Phoenix all the way into Kansas City,MO and for later on in the week the same is expected, so overall it will be a fairly quiet week for the US with just couple of disturbances moving through the Midwest increasing the chance for rain showers and maybe even some snow mixed in with it.  Enjoy your Sunday amigos and don’t forget that there are only 25 days left for Thanksgiving day!

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