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Mountain Snow & A Severe Punch!

26 Oct 2013, 1:58 pm

Tracking The Next Major Storm

It’s been a quiet morning in Glacier National Park on this last Saturday in October.  But this may just be a temporary lull in action.  The next major storm system will be arriving in the continental 48 by the end of the weekend and will be spreading heavy snow across Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.  Here’s the setup:

A powerful jet stream will pull a system out of Canada.  That will combine with warmer, moist air from the west to produce several inches of snow, especially in the higher elevations.  Winter Storm Watches have already been issued for much of western Montana.

This model snows snow spreading into central Wyoming by Monday afternoon:

The graphic above from the National Weather Service shows the probability of seeing an inch or more of snow by Monday afternoon.  You can see a large portion of Montana will be seeing the snow pile up.  The chance for snow spreads into the Dakotas and down the spine of the Rockies.

The storm system continues to travel towards the Great Lakes at a very slow pace.  The chance for snow of an inch or more now spreads into the MN/IA border and past that towards Lake Michigan.  This is the probability of seeing accumulating snow by Tuesday Morning.

In some portions of Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota, a foot or more of snow could pile up  The higher elevations look to pick up the big time snow totals, especially in and around Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  This graphic shows the probability of a foot plus of snow by early Tuesday morning.

As this storm system moves into the Central Plains and encounters warmer air later in the week, its possible that severe storms may be developing.

From,  here is today’s latest (12z) GFS (American) model showing where the potential for severe storms will be by Wednesday afternoon/evening.  Warm and moist air will rise up from the Gulf of Mexico as well as the eastern Pacific Ocean.  The remnants of what was Hurricane Raymond, that brought soaking rains to the west coast of Mexico earlier in the week, will get pulled up into this system and help to add an additional boost of tropical moisture.  The chance for storms to produce gusty winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes is increasing as more data comes in to these models.  Stay tuned right here for more information to come.

Saturday Forecast

After another frosty start to the day, temperatures will continue to remain below average east of the Mississippi.  Sunshine will prevail with warmer weather in the Southwest.  Storms are possible in North central Texas today, in an area including Dallas and Abilene, and some maybe severe with the main threat being large hail and damaging wind.

Happy Saturday!

Meteorologist Addison Green (twitter: @agreenWNTV) & Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek (twitter: @gmishekWNTV)

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