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Much Colder End of the Year; Storm Track Active From Texas to New England

29 Dec 2012, 7:29 am
Take a look at this surviellance video from a Walgreens store out of Mobile, AL during the Christmas tornado outbreak. I’m SHOCKED that there weren’t as many fatalities as there could have been.






Updated Christmas Day Tornado Count


The Storm Prediction Center continues to update the tornado tally from the Christmas Day outbreak. The unfiltered PRELIMINARY reports are now up to 51!


Nationwide, at least 17 people died because of the ice, snow and wind. Deaths from wind-toppled trees also were reported in Texas and Louisiana, but car crashes caused most of the fatalities.”






2012 Tornado Count


Despite the recent flurry of tornado activity, 2012 will end well below the average annual tornado count. According to the SPC, as of December 27th, there were 1,111 tornado reports nearly 400 below the 7year average of 1530.






Top 10 Tornado Days of 2012


The Storm Prediction Center has a list of the top 10 tornado days of 2012… the most active days was March 2nd when 160 tornadoes were reported (actual 132).







Most Active Severe Weather Days of 2012


The information below from the SPC shows the top 10 most active severe weather days of 2012. Preliminary data from July 1st, 2012 had over 1,000 storm reports, a number that was refined to 737. Intense heat across the mid-section of the nation allowed for severe thunderstorms to develop on its northern periphery. These thunderstorms created long lived straight-line wind producing storms. Look at all the wind damage reports (in blue) from the Great Lakes to Florida! The other BIG day was June 29th.






Canada Blizzard


I thought this was kind of neat, it’s a time lapse of a blizzard out of Montreal Canada, which is north of Burlington, VT. This is from the same storm system that produced snow in Texas and the tornado outbreak earlier this week.






Air Travel Troubles?


Another winter storm/system is bearing down on the Northeast through the early weekend. It appears snow amounts won’t be quite as dramatic as they were this last week, but this will still be responsible for some travel troubles. The graphic below shows the winter weather headlines that have been posted through the weekend.





Northeast Snow Forecast


According to the RPM model, there is going to be a moderate swath of 2″ to 4″ with localized areas of 4″ to 8″ through the weekend.





Saturday Outlook


Here’s the weather map for PM Saturday, which shows the center of circulation south of New York, but there will be decent wind and snow across some busy places that may be more than just an inconvenience tro travelers. Moderate to heavy snow totals along with wind gusts close to 30mph will create problems on the ground and by air.






Cold Start to 2013



The forecast calls for a fairly cold star to 2013. Thanks to a big dip in the jet stream, cold air from the Arctic regions will continue to refrigerate much of the Lower 48 through the early part of 2013.






Cold Start to 2013



The extended forecast calls for a fairly cold start to 2013 across much of the nation. Here’s a look at the high temperature from normal forecast for Tuesday, January 1st, 2013… Brr!






Ringing in the New Year



If you have plans to be out and about through New Year’s Eve night, take a look at the forecast low temperatures for the night… Brr again! Make sure to bring the extra layer along to the ball, you’ll need it after the clock strikes midnight otherwise you’ll turn into a frozen pumpkin!






Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend ahead!



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