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Out on a Muddy Limb: Spring Comes Early This Year for Much of USA

9 Feb 2017, 4:38 pm

“If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes” said Mark Twain. Looking at weather data – extremes appear to be trending even more extreme over time.

Exhibit A:

This winter. Low 60s in New York City yesterday – today a foot of snow. EF-3 tornadoes roaring through New Orleans. As much as 15 to 20 FEET of snow for the mountains of California. Not to mention at least 5 separate thousand-year flash floods in 2016. Maybe weather has always been this crazy, but it does make you stop and wonder.

It was so cold yesterday I saw a teenager with his pants pulled all the way up. Remarkable.

After today’s spasm of winter for the Northeast (a foot of snow from the suburbs of New York City to Cape Cod) temperatures generally moderate east of the Rockies.

Meteorological Winter officially comes to an end in 19 days but you could make a case that winter is already over for much of the nation. We’ll see more cold frontal passages and spurts of slush into March, but nasty wind chills?

More rain, heavy at times, is pushing into the west coast with mudslides, disruption and mountain snows. The drought is over across northern and central California. Who would have thought we’d go from historic drought to epic floods, in just a couple of months? Lately the weather has been all or nothing, it seems.


For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Paul Douglas

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