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Multiple Tornadoes Confirmed in New York

20 Jul 2017, 7:25 pm
Tornado damage in Hamburg, New York taken by MariaChaJohnson via Twitter

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has confirmed multiple tornadoes hit upstate New York on Thursday. These storms occurred in southern Erie county (south of Buffalo) between 12:30-1:00 p.m. There were no reports of injuries or fatalities within these thunderstorms.

Some of the storm damage taken by MariaChaJohnson via Twitter
A still image of video of the tornado moving through Hamburg, NY. In the video the wind picks up the car and trailer and moves each several feet. Video and picture credit Kevin Karas

Following the storms midday Thursday, meteorologists at the National Weather Service drove to the damaged areas to conduct a survey. They looked at the damage to clarify if it was caused by winds of a tornado or that of straight line wind. Then, they observed the type and extent of damage and came to their conclusion that the Hamburg, NY tornado was an EF-2 and Holland, NY tornado was an EF-1.

The Hamburg, NY tornado report
The Holland, NY tornado report

Ever wonder how meteorologists determine wind speed without observations? Or how they rate tornado strength?  This link describes different type of wind damage along with different strengths of wind:

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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