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National Weather Service Suffered Nationwide Data Outage

13 Feb 2017, 5:41 pm

Did you go to check the weather on your app this afternoon, and found that it was not updating? You weren’t the only one. Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service endured a nationwide two-hour long data outage.

At 1:33 p.m., the Weather Service sent out a message confirming that the core routers had gone down. “Engineers are looking for a work around,” the message said. “Most data for the U.S. is affected including Radars.”

Products that gather weather data from the National Weather Service, like some mobile apps, were not updating due to the outage. A weather service spokesperson said that while web based services were not being updated, people were still able to access NOAA Weather Radio during the outage.

During the outage, the National Weather Service Tweeted two messages:

1) NWS is aware of the data outage impacting customers across the nation. We will pass along more detailed information as soon as possible.

2) In the meantime, please follow your local forecast office’s social media accounts for updates.

Around 4pm EST, the system was restored, but information about the cause of the outage has not been released.

This wasn’t the first time that there has been a data failure. The last occurrence was during Hurricane Matthew last October, when a “partial service disruption” made its website unavailable for some users.

Story Image: U.S. National Weather Service (NWS)

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