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Nearing the end of Hurricane Season 2017

24 Nov 2017, 10:47 am


It’s been a hurricane season to remember in the Atlantic basin. With 17 named storms, many of which impacted US, Mexican, or Caribbean land, many are eagerly awaiting the finish of the season.

National Hurricane Season preliminary season summary of tropical cyclone reports. Not shown yet is tropical storm Rina. Courtesy: NHC

By climatology, the end of hurricane season is the last day of November. We can use climatology (long term trends) to tell us when the hurricane season is generally more active, and when it is calmer with fewer tropical cyclones developing. As we head into this calmer time of year, we can generally expect tropical activity to diminish.

As of Friday, November 24, there are no tropical cyclones expected to develop over the next 5 days in the Atlantic basin, according to the National Hurricane Center outlook.

The Pacific basin is also quiet, with no systems expected to form in the coming days.

While we typically will expect the development of tropical cyclones to diminish in the coming weeks and months, it is not impossible for storms to develop outside of the hurricane season. Storms can and have formed in the “off-season” months of December through May. Watch the video above to learn more.


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