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New Jersey Governor Takes Jab at National Weather Service

15 Mar 2017, 6:11 pm

In a press conference Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie updated the public about the ongoing winter storm, and took a moment to thank the state and local officials aiding with the winter storm.

Christie said, “I want to thank all the people in New Jersey state government and in county and local government for the work that they’re doing, whether it’s responding to an emergency or clearing the roads.” Christie went on to say, “you’re helping folks in the state get through the storm and getting your job done. I thank you very much.”

However, what Christie eventually went on to say, is not sitting well with meteorologist from the National Weather Service. The governor was displeased with the forecasts for the storm, saying it was “a big underperformer.” He went on to say that “I’ve had my fill after the last 7½ years of the National Weather Service, to tell you the truth.”

This remark did not go over well with the former chief meteorologist of the National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

Gary Szatkowski, the former chief meteorologist in Mount Holly, who was in charge during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, said, ““it’s a great disappointment to hear the governor speak that way about the National Weather Service.” Szatkowski went on to say, “and considering the outstanding forecast service by the NWS during Sandy, and the disastrous way New Jersey mishandled using that information … I’d expect a more responsible perspective from my governor.”

Ross Dickman, the manager of the Long Island, New York bureau that oversees North Jersey and New York City, responded to Christie’s comments, saying the weather service played it safe by “remaining on the high side” of predicted precipitation.

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