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New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, PNW, Warm Next Week?

13 Mar 2009, 9:53 am
Forecast Ptype 3.5 Day
Forecast Ptype 3.5 Day
Forecast Max Temps (7.5 Day)
Forecast Max Temps (7.5 Day)
Forecast Ptype 7.5 Day
Forecast Ptype 7.5 Day
The precipitation we discussed for New Mexico and Texas this week has begun today with winter storm watches and warnings issued spanning from New Mexico, into Texas, Oklahoma, and portions of Kansas.

Our shorter range Precipitation Type Forecast Product Animation forecasts the potential for snowfall and mixed precipitation in the region through 2pm EDT Saturday Afternoon.

Our Animation also displays the storms we discussed to approach the Pacific Northwest beginning around 2am EDT Saturday morning, and quickly desending from Washington State into northern California and the Rockies, with clearly defined rain/snow boundaries in the higher elevations. The snows are forecast to continue through the weekend until our last valid frame of F084hr Monday 8pm EDT. Foot plus totals in the mountains of Washington and Oregon are certainly a possibility.

Rains are forecast to stream across the south from eastern Texas through the mid-atlantic states over the weekend from Saturday through Sunday. While the potential for occasional general thunderstorms does exist, I do not see anything severe in the making.

Looking past Monday, our Medium Range Precipitation Type Forecast Animation shows the snows in the PNW and Rockies hanging on for much of next week, with the longest potential for accumulation being the northern Rockies.

Starting around next Thursday, March 19 we see the potential for rain turning into snow for the Midwest, and moving into the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern States through next Friday.

While the Florida Peninsula will hog the majority of 72 degree + temperatures over the weekend, next week starts to brighten for the southern Plains, as our Forecast Maximum Temperature Animation shows Texas warming a tad on Sunday, then by Monday very nice warm air advection with highs of 72 degrees streaming as far north as Nebraska, but by next Thursday things start to cool down a tad again =(

Please be sure to view our Advisory and Radar Centers for the latest updates and developments.

As always stay tuned to your favorite weather outlet, stay informed, and stay safe!



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