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NFL Star Locks Himself in a Hot Car to Raise Awareness for Heat Safety

20 Jul 2015, 10:58 am

Tyrann Mathieu

We’ve all been in a hot car from time to time, but we, as people, have the choice and chance to get out of that situation with ease. The same can’t be said for our “four-legged furry friends” where they can’t get out of a hot car on their own. So one man decided he wanted to find out what it was like to be in a dog’s shoes, or paws, in hot and sticky situation.

Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu got into a hot car, on a hot Summer day, where the temperature was around 90°. The non-tinted windows were cracked, the car was sitting in the sun, and the vehicle was black in color, so there were many factors to make the inside of that car very warm. He sat in the passenger side of the vehicle, and within minutes, he started to flap his shirt to help himself cool off, and he started showing signs of sweating. The inside temperature continued to climb into the 100s while outside, the temperature was still around 90°. After 6 minutes, Tyrann was looking rather overwhelmed and exhausted. His light gray shirt was looking more dark gray overtime, due to his body trying heavily to cool off via sweating. In about 8-10 minutes, he couldn’t take the heat any more, and had to get out, or risk heat stroke and passing out. Before he stepped out into the “cooler” air outside, he was dealing with temperatures around 120° inside the vehicle! He was feeling a jump in temperatures of roughly 30° in a matter of minutes as he sat in the vehicle.

Remember, humans can sweat, dogs can’t. That is why they pant. And with all their fur/hair, the heat starts to bother them much sooner than us humans. After 105°, dogs could experience organ failure. Please, do not ever leave a dog, nor any other living creature/person in a hot car on a Summer day, no matter what.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist, Addison Green

(Photo: Youtube – PETA)

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