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No Doubt it’s Winter

5 Jan 2010, 2:39 pm

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, hope all is well. As you step outside today, shivering, there’s no doubt that it’s winter in America. Take a look at the low temperatures recorded yesterday across the nation – quite impressive:

Yesterday Lows

Again, note the lows recorded in Gulf Coast states, especially Florida. Citrus farmers are holding their breath, hoping the freezing threat will end soon. Unfortunately, a secondary surge of Arctic air is expected to plunge southward by the end of the week on the heels of a snow producing system jamming out of the northern Rockies today. A fluffy coating of snow will stretch from Billings, MT to Bismarck, ND to Sioux Falls, SD to Des Moines, IA over the next 48 hours. Some spots could see enough to shovel or plow, but winds on the back side of the snow producer will likely just blow the snow around in whirls of white. Unfortunately, blizzard like conditions may accompany the strong wind gusts of up to 40mph in spots if the snow accumulates enough. Thursday’s weather conditions across Plains will test many who consider themselves proffessional winter weather wariors. Take a look at the watches and warnings map:


The yellow circle is where the snow will be accumulating with the clipper system. The smaller circle is where the snow will be accumulating from Lake Effect Snow, which has been quite impressive so far – here, take a gander at these snowfall reports from down wind of Lake Erie in New York:

Lake Effect Snow

Arctic blast #2 swings through by the end of the week and nestles in to the Northeast by the weekend. Here are the forecasted low temperatures for Thursday across the nation. The Midwest is expected to be in the deep freeze once again:


Stay safe and warm out there – see you again real soon!

Meteorolgist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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