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No Ice Is Safe Ice

4 Dec 2015, 12:49 pm

No Ice Is Safe Ice
As it gets colder outside, many of us are getting ready for winter sports on the ice. Sports like skating and ice fishing, but do you know how to stay safe when you hit the ice?

Before you head out on your favorite frozen pond this year, there are some basic rules to keep in mind and Gerry Dworkin from Lifesaving Resources is the expert, “We’re under the philosophy that no ice should ever be considered as safe ice. So before you go out on the ice, number one: you need to be sure you’ve got at least four to five inches of new, clear, hard ice and that it’s not snow covered. No air bubbles, in it, [that’s] very dangerous. You need to be sure that the integrity of the ice is clear everywhere you go on the ice.”

If you are going out on the ice this winter, Dworkin recommends some safety equipment to take with you, “We recommend wearing a float coat, but at the very least you should carry ice picks and a pealess plastic whistle. The whistle to alert other people if you’re in need of help, and the ice pick so that should you fall through the ice you can pick your way back out onto the ice.”

Statistics show that many ice-related deaths occur when people try to rescue their pets that have fallen through ice. Dworkin says you need to keep your animals off the ice and if they do get trapped, call 911 and let professionals handle the rescue. And that same advice goes for people!

If you can help while you wait for first responders, Dworkin tells us to do this, “To attempt a rescue from shore, keep your center of gravity low and base of support wide and extend something to the victim.”

And you can do this without putting yourself in jeopardy. So as you head out for fun on frozen ponds and lakes this winter remember, the biggest lesson from Dworkin is that no ice is safe ice.

For WeatherNation: John Van Pelt

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