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No Rest for Severe Weather

20 Apr 2015, 4:47 pm

In Arkansas, the clouds boiled up into high towers, dropping heavy rain and large hail across the state for hours.

After dark, when it’s most dangerous to travel, flash floods flowed across and covered roads with debris in Bentonville, AR.

In Oklahoma, scary skies gave a hint of what was coming later there. In Sayre, OK there was more big ground pounding, windshield cracking hail.


In Rocky, OK more hail and more damage.


Texas took several hits too. In Trophy Club, TX high winds took the steeple off a church.


And down the road in Bee Cave, TX there was still more hail, looking at times more like sleet and snow. It covered the roads for miles.


Alabama got its share of severe storms too. A reported tornado flipped these huge train cars over like they were toys in Abbeville, AL.


In Louisiana, big storms had been threatening all day and by nightfall, serious lightshows were visible all over the state before even more hail fell to end a weekend with nearly 600 storm reports from around the country in just two days.

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