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No Shortage of Moisture in Alaska

9 Dec 2017, 7:43 pm

Most people associate Alaska with non-stop snow in the winter months, and this week is no exception to that statement. A steady stream of moisture continues to funnel into the south coastal areas of the state this week.

The reason we continue to see a high concentration of moisture stretching from Unalaska to Juneau is all due to several low pressure systems that continue to track northward. Low pressure systems have a counterclockwise rotation associated with them, or cyclonic rotation. This helps pull moisture onshore from the Gulf of Alaska. As these strong wind encounter land, more specifically the Chugach Mountains, and the Alaska and Aleutian Ranges, we get upslope. This upslope event helps to ring out additional moisture associated with these Alaskan Gulf Coastal storms. The air is forced up the mountains during the upslope event, causing an increased amount of snow or rain to fall.

If you’re not a winter fan, these storm systems from the south will also help to increase the temperature.

As we kick start the workweek, temperatures are expected to stay on the mild side.

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