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NOAA Announces $2.2 Million in Marine Debris Grants

2 Oct 2017, 10:59 am

On Aug. 29, NOAA announced 15 new marine debris projects that will support marine debris removal and research received nearly $2.2 million in fiscal year 2017 funding through the NOAA Marine Debris Program. These projects support efforts to address the pervasive global problem of marine debris that can impact wildlife, navigation safety, human health, and the economy. Shown here: In an earlier NOAA-funded project, derelict fishing gear and other large marine debris were removed from remote Alaskan shorelines by the Gulf of Alaska Keeper.

Read more about this from NOAA here: $2.2 Million Granted for Marine Cleanup

For more information and a full list of the 2017 projects, visit the NOAA Marine Debris Program’s removal and research project announcements.

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