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NOAA Weather Radios – A Must Have for Home Safety

Severe weather can bring with it many hazards. Lightning, hail, flooding, high winds and of course tornadoes are all natural forces that can be devastating to life and property.

This year has already been very active with storms and unfortunately with loss of life due to severe thunderstorms.  In cases where people were prepared and heeded the advance watches and warnings the loss of life and injuries were surely avoided or reduced.

Pennsylvania tree damage courtesy Beth Zingaretti. Saturday, February 25

Preparation is key when it comes to severe weather and this includes having a way to be alerted in the case of dangerous circumstances.

Traditional news sources for weather are great for up to the minute information but these methods require your active participation which may not be possible if say you are sleeping.
A great item you may want to think about adding to your collection of home safety implements is a NOAA Weather Radio.

Having a weather radio in your house should be as common as having a smoke or carbon monoxide detectors because they to can help save lives.
Weather radios come in many different models and configurations but all are made to receive important safety information from the National Weather Service. Most weather radios plug into the wall and have a battery backup in case of power failure. The radios designated as “s.a.m.e.” receivers can be easily programmed to suit your needs and not to go off for events that may not affect your area. NOAA weather radios receive information on different types of hazards including dangerous chemical releases, amber alerts and civil emergencies which may require action.

So think about picking up a weather radio and check back here regularly for more tips on getting ready for severe weather.

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