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Above Normal Temperatures for the Lower 48 States on Wednesday

29 Nov 2017, 9:43 am

Warmer than normal temperatures are in the forecast for most of the lower 48 states for Wednesday afternoon.  It’s hard to believe that we are almost into December and we are not talking about any extreme cold air (that will change next week).

Mild Temperature Set-Up

The Polar Jet Stream has pushed well to the north and this is allowing warmer than normal temperatures to spread across a majority of the country.  Temperatures in the high plains could be close to record highs by Wednesday afternoon.

High Temperature Forecast

Wednesday’s high temperature forecast is showing mild temperatures as far north as Washington and Montana.  Parts of the Mid Atlantic will be approaching 70°…7° to 10° above normal.

Departure From Normal

This map shows us how many degrees above or below normal the high temperature forecast will be for Wednesday afternoon.  You have to look for a minus sign (-) for below normal temperatures, but according to this forecast map…most of the continental U.S. will be either at or above normal.  Quite the way to end the month of November!

Don’t get used to these unseasonably warm temperatures with a major shot of cold air being advertised for next week.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

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