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The North Pole Has Been Unusually Warm This Fall

19 Nov 2016, 12:07 pm

Unusual Warmth
Up until our most recent storm, most of the U.S. has been experiencing unusual warmth. Record warmth spread from coast to coast even into the first weeks of November. And we weren’t alone in this season of unusual warmth.
Polar Night
As far north as the Pole, temperatures have been well above average this fall. This is typically the start of the coldest time of the year for the Arctic. The period in which the sun never makes it over the horizon– commonly known as Polar Night.
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Where’s the Ice? 
Temperatures in the Arctic were 36º above normal. Because of this, Arctic ice coverage is at a record low. The yearly low takes place in the month of September, and with the lack of sunlight, rapid growth usually takes place during the month of November. Even though temperatures have been below freezing, it just hasn’t been as cold as usual.

The Current Pattern
Because of this warmth, the rapid regeneration of ice hasn’t happened. Exaggerated ridges and troughs in the jet stream caused the unusual warmth in the Arctic as well as the continental U.S. If the pattern persists, we could be looking at yet another year of record-low ice cover in the Arctic.


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