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Northeast Has Nice Weather To Recover From Sandy

2 Nov 2012, 8:13 am

Sandy Recovery Efforts

MEL EVANS/ASSOCIATED PRESS – Customers lined up Thursday at a gas station in Keyport, N.J.

The northeast is slowly starting to mend after Sandy moved through earlier this week. As each day rolls by, recovery crews find more destruction and, sadly, more deaths. As of this morning, 3.3 million people are still without power and 92 people have died. 40 of those deaths have been in NYC, with half of those on Staten Island. Residents on Staten Island are complaining that they have not received enough attention since the storm, some saying they are “the forgotten borough” in this mess. Meanwhile, gas pumps are drying up as people flock to stations to fill up vehicles and containers for their generators. It’s even impacting NYC taxis, whose Taxi Commission warned that there would be less taxis on the road today due to the gas shortage.

The good news this weekend is that weather should be relatively nice for recovery efforts in the northeast. What is left of Sandy is still off to the north, spinning around, and may bring some rain or snow showers to the western portions of the region. However, we will see cool temperatures the next few days and nighttime lows could be around freezing in many locations, bringing the threat of hypothermia to those without power.

While under controversy from those in the area, city officials are still planning on holding the NYC Marathon this Sunday. Should see mainly clear skies for runners along with chilly conditions with a west wind 10-15 mph.

Another Storm For The Northeast?

We’ve been cautious about mentioning this the past few days, but it appears another system may be on the horizon for the northeast.

The GFS run from yesterday evening shows a storm moving up the coast, bringing rain and snow to the northeast on Wednesday into Thursday.

The European Model shows this next system moving in closer to a Thursday time frame and a bit more west than the GFS.

Snow could definitely be a big player in this next system. This is the Euro run for snow, showing over a foot of snow possible in parts of New York and Pennsylvania. This is a good 5-7 days out, however this system has been seen in the model runs the past few days. Good to get the word out that something may happen, even if it is a ways out where things could still change!

Election Forecast

Election Day is this Tuesday, and a welcome sign for some. I’m just ready to be rid of the political ads on TV and radio! Weather should be nice across much of the country, with the exception of some rain in the northwest and parts of the Mid-Atlantic, and maybe some rain/snow showers across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Check out the weather for your neighborhood on Election Day by going over to the Local Weather portion of our website!

Have a great Friday and a magnificent weekend! Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday evening — Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday at 2 AM!

Meteorologist D.J. Kayser
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