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Northeast Heat Subsides, Seattle’s Dry Streak Continues, Midwestern Storms

21 Jul 2013, 10:08 am

Big City Lights. Storms in the Northeast last night provided a stunning light show. Huge thanks to Anthony Quintano (@AnthonyQuintano) for the photo above — check him out on Twitter for more equally impressive shots.

Finally, Some Relief! Temperatures have dropped nearly 20 degrees across portions of Maine, and the cool air continues to sink southward across the Great Lakes. Another noticable change: dew points have become more seasonable (and reasonable).


Frost in July? It was nearly cold enough for frost in the wee hours of the morning across the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.

Continued Cool vs. Western Heat. A cold air mass will continue to slide into the Eastern U.S., dropping temps considerably even into Tuesday night. Meanwhile, serious heat treks northward along the Rocky Mountains. Where these two air masses clash, strong storms are likely.



Perfect Blue Sky. Clear skies and sunshine can be found across the Pacific Northwest once again! Fantastic weather has settled in across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


High and Dry. The month of July hasn’t racked up more than a trace of rainfall in the Seattle area. As of today, that’s 24 straight days without measurable precipitation — seems odd for the Pacific Northwest, doesn’t it? This time of year, dry spells can occur, but this one has gone on longer than most (and doesn’t show any signs of letting up in the next 5 to 7 days either!).


Holy Hail! Thanks to Facebook friend Amy for sharing this hail photo with us. There were also reports of tennis ball-sized stones falling out of some of the stronger cells. More hail is likely on the way this afternoon.

 Today’s Severe Threat Zone. Clusters of strong storms will likely form across North Dakota and western Nebraska this afternoon and evening. These storms will likely have some hail and gusty winds associated with them, with a very slim possibility of a tornado.


Tomorrow’s Severe Threat Zone. More impulses of energy will contribute to thunderstorm development again tomorrow across northern Wisconsin and much of Kansas. As with Sunday’s threat, the main concerns are hail and wind with a very slim chance of tornadic activity.


Southwestern Storms. Check out this awesome time lapse of the storms near Monument Peak, CA yesterday. (Courtesy HPWREN)


Plenty Soggy. We’re expecting quite a bit of rain across the Southwest in the next few days. Downpours are likely to produce rainfall rates of up to 3″ per hour in some areas, which can create a serious flash flooding threat. Fun fact: this is the 4th wettest start to monsoon season in Flagstaff, AZ. That’s a lot of rain!


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Have a fantastic week ahead! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers (@mhilgersWNTV)

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