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Northeast Snow Storm, Cold Air Takes Over

29 Dec 2012, 2:34 pm

Ohio Valley Storm Summary

Heavy snow fell across the Ohio Valley yesterday  This was not long after the same areas were hit were heavy snow early last week.  The view over the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH.

Winter storm warnings were in effect from yesterday to early this morning.  Preliminary snow totals from Ohio:

Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri also reported some impressive totals including 8 inches in French Lick, Indiana.

Northeast Impact

This system now exits the Ohio Valley and slides through the northeast.  Models forecast even higher snow totals as it taps into Atlantic moisture. Snow will be falling through the day today in Pennsylvania so final numbers are not in yet but this is what was reported from the overnight hours and into this morning:

Radar imagery from this morning shows snow just starting to spread into Maine and extending south to the eastern edge of Kentucky.

The center of low pressure moves off the coast of Boston.  This allows for an easterly flow to develop across New England.

This will drive up the snow totals near the cape and locations around Providence and Boston may end up with some of the highest totals. For that reason, Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the pink shaded counties along the coast stretching from Connecticut northward to the Canadian border.  Up to 8 inches of snow expected.

Skies gradually clear Sunday morning but a cooler air will be wrapping in from the north.  A few lingering snow showers possible by 7 Am tomorrow morning but accumulations will be minimal compared to today.  With snow expected to fall through most the day and into the overnight hours, especially across New England, travel delays at some of the major airports in the region are anticipated.

Showers Move Off Shore

Water levels running high near Oriental Harbor, NC.

On the south side of this same system, the precipitation has been falling as rain.  Rainfall totals over the past 24 show over an inch in Wilmington and Cape Hatteras.

As skies clear behind this system, temperatures are dropping.  The cooler air made its way down to Texas this morning with temperatures that are up to 22 degrees cooler than yesterday morning.

The colder air mass moves along the Gulf Coast and Freeze Watches have been issued for the blue shaded areas with morning lows down to 26 degrees tomorrow.

National Outlook

South Florida continues to be the hot spot across the the continental 48.  High of 84 today but as the cold front moves through today, a shift in the wind direction will drop those readings back into the mid 70s for tomorrow.  We’re continuing to watch the Pacific coast as the next storm system slides down California and shifts into the desert southwest.   This maybe the next big weather maker for the central plains coming in over the New Year’s holiday. Until then, bundle up!

Have a great weekend!

Gretchen Mishek

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