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Not Too Early to Plan for Winter Driving!

24 Sep 2017, 7:06 pm

This past weekend while driving through Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado I encountered some of the first snow I have seen this fall.  At the same time, I noticed that the very popular Trail Ridge Road was closed to vehicles through the overnight hours as winter was making an appearance the first weekend of Autumn.  

This got me thinking about being prepared  for the winter driving weather ahead.

The topic of winter driving may not be on most people’s mind because the first snow of the season is still weeks away, but now may be the time to start thinking about being prepared.

Getting your vehicle ready for the trials of winter travel is not difficult but does require some planning and preparation.
A well-equipped vehicle has adequate tires, tire chains, tow rope, sand or cat litter for traction, shovel, tool kit, windshield scraper and brush, battery cables, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, blankets or sleeping bags, extra clothing, candles, water-proof matches, jug of water, high calorie packaged food for quick energy, and an empty can to melt snow for drinking.  

You of course can add to this list but now is certainly a good time to start gathering items you may need if you plan to travel in winter conditions. We will be talking more about winter travel over the next months, but now you can get a head start on prepping for Old Man Winter.

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