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Not out of the Woods Yet: Another round of Winter Weather on the Way

CaptureIt looks like all the right ingredients for more winter weather are on the way for portions of the country’s mid-section along with the Ohio River Valley and possibly Mid-Atlantic regions. This is definitely a system that has yet to materialize, so please keep checking back for updates on areas impacted and snow accumulations expected.

Moisture from the south (from a very slow moving upper-level system currently impacting the four corners region) will continue to invade the Midwest and Upper Midwest regions overnight tonight. In conjunction, a cold front dropping south from the Northwest with a possible developing area of low pressure will aid as an adding forcing mechanism to likely produce some moderate amounts of snowfall for Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa along with Illinois beginning late Saturday evening and lingering into Sunday.


The track of this low pressure system this far out is challenging to forecast, so the uncertainty with this system is most definitely still present. However, model guidance is trending towards a more zonal track (west to east) across the lower Ohio River Valley by Sunday evening and Monday morning before veering ever so slightly towards the Northeast by Monday. This means measurable snowfall could be possible across Kentucky and even the higher elevations of the Southern Appalachians. The likelihood of seeing any snow in our southern most regions (Southern Middle Tennessee/Northern Georgia) will all depend on how fast the cold air catches up with the available moisture we have leftover after the front passes.


After recent weather events for the Northeast (particularly New England coastal regions) even light to moderate amounts of snow could only add insult to injury. At this time, it looks as if the higher accumulations of snow will remain farther towards the south with places like Boston, Massachusetts only getting the tail end of this system as it moves off the eastern seaboard by early Monday but again this is subject to change as the system develops over the weekend.


Please keep checking back for updates!


Meteorologist Merry Matthews

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