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NOW: Severe Weather Strikes – Tornadoes Likely

15 Mar 2016, 3:10 pm

Severe Weather Alert
The potential for severe storms to pop up started to increase this Tuesday, March 15 across the Mid-West as our teams of chasers started to meet up and work on the plan of attack. Starting off the day in Missouri, the two teams met up in Hannibal, MO, overlooking the Mississippi River, to Skype with the meteorologists in the studio. The storm chasing teams were already in a prime position to get into a desirable location for the afternoon hours, when the Storm Prediction Center raised their outlook risk level from a “Slight” to an “Enhanced.” This was done to cover the potential for several tornadoes to come about later in the afternoon hours.

Tornado Watch
The two teams dispersed, with one going to central Illinois and the other to the west of Hannibal, MO. By the time the afternoon hours rolled in, the air was feeling warm, a little muggy, and there was a persistent south/southeasterly breeze. With an area of low pressure moving through Missouri, the stage was being set for the those storm clouds to start to form.

Day 1 SPC (1)
With the threat increasing by the hour for strong to severe thunderstorms, this is a good time as any, to set your plans in place to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. A storm shelter, basement, interior room (with no windows and as many walls tightly placed around you as possible) are all desirable locations to head to if you hear tornado sirens in your county. Also, check your NOAA weather radio to make sure it os charged and ready to go, as well as keep your cell phone nearby. Both can alert you when you are placed under a tornado warning. Be safe and stay tuned to WeatherNation for more details. The severe weather season is just getting started, and we’re here to make sure you get the vital information you need 24/7.

Meteorologist Addison Green, reporting from the field in Pittsfield, IL with Storm Chasing Team One.

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