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NWS Officials Complete Gulf Shores Storm Damage Survey

3 Jan 2017, 6:14 pm

The National Weather Service in Mobile, Alabama conducted a survey of the damage in Gulf Shores produced by a severe thunderstorm on Monday afternoon. The survey focused on the area of greatest damage south of Fort Morgan Road, along the Highway 59 corridor, south to Highway 182.

A severe thunderstorm moved across Gulf Shores and produced a corridor of significant wind damage from near the intersection of Highway 59 and Highway 182 north and east to just east of Highway 59 and south of Fort Morgan road.

All damage surveyed was blown from a southwest to northeast direction, indicative of straight line wind damage of 70 to 80-mph. The corridor of greatest damage occurred around 300 to 350 yards on either side of Highway 59. Numerous trees were uprooted and had significant large branches broken off. A few homes were damaged by the fallen trees along West 12th and 13th Avenues, and a few homes suffered shingle damage.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo experienced significant tree damage and damage to fencing and animal enclosures. Fortunately, all of the animals survived. Roofing material was blown off of a few commercial buildings near the zoo and also south close to Highway 182.

Outside of this main corridor of damage, sporadic straight line wind damage was observed and reported across Gulf Shores, Bon Secour, and Orange Beach. There was one minor injury when a sunroom collapsed onto an elderly woman. She was quickly rescued and suffered minor cuts and bruises.

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