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October Arrives with Storms, Soaking Rains and Snow?

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Thanks to Mount Washington Observatory for sharing this picture on their Facebook page. Earlier Monday, observers reported 1″ of sleet and snow.

We measured just under an inch of snow/sleet in our precipitation can this morning, and it’s still coming down…for now. It’ll probably all be gone by later today, so why not have some fun with it while it’s here? This little guy may not look impressive, but then again, not many snowmen can say they’ve sat on top of the Mount Washington summit sign at 6,288 feet on October 1! :-)”

See more HERE:

First Alaskan Snowfall

This was the scene from Upper Omalley, Alaska over the weekend. Thanks to @mil19 for the picture!

Average Annual Snowfall

Speaking of snowfall… NOAA’s National Climate Date Center has a look at the average annual snowfall across the nation.

Snowfall Forecast

Interestingly, one particular model (GFS) suggests snow across parts of the Lower 48 over the coming days. Some of it will fall across the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains, but some may fall across parts of the High Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley near the international border. It is important to note that the forecast image below will likely change over the coming days, so don’t take it too literally. Regardless of how this image chances, it is looking more likely that light snow chances are possible in these areas as a late week storm/cold front sags south out of Canada… Stay tuned for more!

Fall Colors

Thanks to everyone who has posted their beautiful fall colors pictures on our WeatherNation Facebook page or website at!

This amazing shot comes from Greg Kretovic at

Sunrise on an autumn colored hillside. Goose Lake, Central Marquette County – Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 9/29/12″

Possible Tornado

Thanks to Derek Ladner (@vince_webb) for this picture out of Saucier, MS. This is a POSSIBLE tornado on a tornado warned cell. Derek says there was definite rotation with this particular part of the storm. It’s hard to actually see if there is a tornado in this picture since the tree line is in the way, but it looks very ominous!

Tornado Reports

The storm report map from Sunday shows 2 PRELIMINARY tornado reports in southern Mississippi, one of those reports came from near Saucier, MS

Heavy Weekend Rainfall

Thanks to @emiliacakes for this picture out of Abilene, TX. Heavy rainfall over the weekend led to several areas of flooding.

7 Day Radar Estimates of Rainfall

The 7 day radar estimates of rainfall across the southern tier of the nation suggests some 4″ to 8″ amounts from Texas to the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Additional Rainfall

The same storm system that slowly moved through Texas and the Lower Ohio Valley over the weekend, will being lifting northeast through the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys over the next couple of days. Additional rainfall amounts in these areas could exceed 1″ to 2″ through midweek.

Weekend Rain/Snow?

Other than a little lingering shower/storm potential across Florida and the New England states, there won’t be much additional precipitation across the country except for the Upper Mississippi Valley. A powerful late week cold front will not only bring some much needed precipitation to those areas, but temperatures will drop significantly and snow could fly across the far north!

October Cold Blast

Look at the images below. They represent the temperature analysis a few thousand feet off the ground. The analysis for earlier Monday showed ‘warmer’ colors across much of the nation, especially from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the West Coast.

In a few short days… reality will set in when a significant cold front drops into the Upper Mississippi Valley/Great Lakes Region. This air mass will be cold enough to drop daytime high temperatures a good 30° to 40° from where they were last weekend and where they will be near midweek this week.

November-like High Temps

Post front, high temperatures will likely be more like that of a typical early November day across the areas mentioned above. In fact, we will struggle to get into the 50s for a number of locations! The image below shows the high temperature forecast for this Saturday. With that said, overnight lows will be cold enough to prompt widespread frost/freeze conditions for a number of locations through the weekend/early next week.

Thanks for checking in on this Monday, have  a great rest of your week!

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