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October: Cool now – warm later?

7 Oct 2013, 10:57 am

We’re seeing all SORTS of pictures and videos coming in here at WeatherNation with regard to weekend/end-of-last-week snowfall… and it’s just always hard to accept that snow can come, even in the Rockies, this early in the season.

The strange thing to me was the quantity of snow in places *near* the Rockies, but in relatively lower elevations.  Hearing that Casper, Wyoming, at over 5000ft elevation, picked up 12-15″+ snowfall isn’t a huge surprise.  Hearing that Bismarck, North Dakota, at just under 1700ft, got snow this early in the season is a bit more surprising.

They picked up 0.6″ on the 4th of October, versus 0.4″ as their earliest measurable snow last year – occurring on November 2nd.

This was a story on the snow done by WDAY in the Bismarck area:

And, of course, the snow caused Papa’s Pumpkin Patch to shut down!  That is never good in the month of October:


This image linked to from PapasPumpkinPatch.Wordpress


Pumpkins with snow, before Halloween – a frightening sight for both children and adults alike. Read more here. 

Also frightening: The following map of estimated snowfall tallies from the past 3 days.


72-Hour Snowfall Estimated Totals


Quite the storm!

Now we need some warming – a good Chinook wind to melt away the snow.

Today still looks to be a bit on the cooler side, as you can see in our computer model forecasted highs for around the nation:


Forecasted Highs For Monday, Oct. 7


That is a start, but really the big trend overall is toward warming.  Putting together our “Fast Forward” segment to look ahead into the upcoming weekend and beyond, I quickly discovered that the computer models show a VERY favorably warm forecast.

We’re talking about above-average temps east of the Rockies (sorry Pacific residents) at least through the next two weeks.


8-14 Day Temperature Outlook
8-14 Day Temperature Outlook


Look at all of that!  While that doesn’t mean it’s going to be *hot* – it does indicate a good chance for above-average temperatures (keep in mind averages are quickly declining as we get closer to winter).

Finally – I leave you with this photo:

"Chewie" Runs the Twin Cities Marathon
"Chewie" Runs the Twin Cities Marathon


While I didn’t take this photo – I saw Chewbacca run past me in the Twin Cities marathon as I watched from the sidelines with friends.  Wow.

Here is the article about it from City Pages  if you’re curious:

So stay tuned!  We’ll talk more temps and rainfall forecasts in the coming days!


WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV


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